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ObedienceTraining and Behaviour Modification


I offer one-on-one private in home consultations, enabling me to see your dog in its natural environment and focus on specific training issues you would like to be addressed. You will gain a better understanding of how your dog learns, how to shape desired behaviour and decrease undesired behaviour.


I use rewards based positive reinforcement training methods, opening a clear line of communication and strengthening the human-canine bond. My fees are R120 for an assesment and personalised training programme. Training sessions last around 1 hour and is R120 per session.


I can assist with many behavioural problems. I reserve the right though to refer you to a qualified animal behaviourist if I perceive the circumstances warrants it, especially is cases with severe aggression.



  The desired learning objectives deals with


  • Name response, to look at and focus on you to establish a communication channel between your dog and yourself

  • Clicker training as a positive reinforcement tool during training to improve criteria

  • The ‘yes’ marker, teaching your dog to continue what he is doing at a given time

  • The importance of socialisation and habituation

  • Sit/stay

  • Down/stay

  • Release from the sit and down positions

  • Leave it

  • Recall to come when called

  • Leash walking without pulling

  • House training and crate training. Crate training has many advantages, but if used incorrectly could have negative consequences

  • Object and food guarding behaviour

  • Inappropriate chewing

  • Inappropriate digging

  • Excessive barking

  • Resolving chasing behaviour

  • Resolving jumping up behaviour

  • Bite inhibition to communicate information to your puppy regarding his own bite strength and maintain bite inhibition into adulthood

  • The importance of puppy socialisation. Early exposure to positive experiences with other animals and people will set the stage for confidence and positive social skills in adulthood

  • The importance of habituation. Through consistent exposure to given environmental stimulus, your puppy ill adapt to the given stimulus and have a reduced response, thereby preventing the onset of fear

  • Body handling techniques, teaching your puppy to happily accept all the handling he will be subjected to during his lifetime, thus preventing fear and agression.

  • Desensitization and counter-conditioning

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About me

I'm a certified dog trainer (Cert CAB) with the following qualifications:


  • Basic Dog Behaviour (Best Practice) - Ethology Academy – Feb. to Nov. 2007

  • Advanced Dog Behaviour - Ethology Academy – Feb. to Nov. 2008

  • Animal Assisted Activity (Best Practice) - Ethology Academy – Feb. to Nov. 2011

  • Advanced Award in Canine Behaviour & Training (CO1)  - COAPE SA – Oct. 2014 to July 2015

  • First Aid for Dogs – Susan Holdsworth – 21 Nov. 2015

Understanding how each individual dogs learns is fundamental in the training process and a dog’s ability to learn.


Dogs are social beings and need quality time and attention to be happy and well balanced. They can develop behavioural problems due to lack of contact with people, other dogs, and their schedule of activities.


Obedience training establishes the foundation in preventing and modifying problem behaviour.

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