with Victoria Stilwell

Obedience Training

The clicker is a positive reinforcement tool used during training to teach a new behaviour, and to improve criteria. Once the behaviour has been learnt the clicker is faded out. Clicker training is optional, a word to mark the desired behaviour could also be used instead of the clicker. The desired learning objectives for the control exercises are:


Week 1

  • Attention, to look at and focus on you to establish a communication channel

  • Introduction to clicker training

  • 'Sit’ and 'give paw'.


Week 2

  • 'Down’ and 'rollover'

  • Information on the importance of socialisation and habituation.


Week 3

  • 'Stay' and 'release' from stay positions

  • Information on preventing and modifying jumping up behaviour.


Week 4

  • 'Leave it'

  • Information on preventing and resolving chewing of forbidden items.


Week 5

  • 'Recall'

  • Information on preventing and resolving unwanted digging.


Week 6

  • Leash walking

  • Resolving excessive barking.


When doing one-on-one training I customise the training exercises and informative discussions according to your needs. A clicker can be purchased from me at the first training session for R35.