with Victoria Stilwell
with Victoria Stilwell

Private Training

Obedience Training and Behaviour Modification


I provide home consultations (enabling me to see your dog in its natural environment and focus on specific issues you would like to be addressed) and one-on-one training at the client's residence. You will gain a better understanding of how your dog learns, how to shape desired behaviour and decrease undesired behaviour.


I use rewards based positive reinforcement training methods, opening a clear line of communication and strengthening the human-canine bond.

  I can Assist with the Following Training and Behavioural Issues


  • Eye contact to establish a comunication channel

  • Sit/stay

  • Down/stay

  • Release from stay positions

  • Leave it

  • Recall, to come when called

  • Leash walking without pulling

  • House training and crate training. Crate training has many advantages, but if used incorrectly could have negative consequences

  • Object and food guarding behaviour

  • Inappropriate chewing

  • Inappropriate digging

  • Separation Anxiety

  • Excessive barking

  • Resolving jumping up behaviour

  • Bite inhibition to communicate information to your puppy regarding his own bite strength, maintaining bite inhibition into adulthood

  • The importance of puppy socialisation. Early exposure to positive experiences with other animals and people will set the stage for confidence and positive social skills in adulthood

  • The importance of habituation. Through consistent exposure to given environmental stimulus, your puppy will adapt to the given stimulus and have a reduced response, thereby preventing the onset of fear

  • Body handling techniques, teaching your puppy to happily accept all the handling he will be subjected to during his lifetime, thus preventing fear and aggression.

  • Desensitization, counter-conditioning, and more.


In cases of reactive behaviour with severe aggression, I reserve the right to refer you to a trainer that specialises in aggression issues.


My fees are as follows:

R250 per hour training session at my residence in Halali (bordering Vierlanden)

R300 per hour training session at the client's residence (within Durbanville area)

R500 for a consultation (within Durbanville area).